Dear participants,

everyone who is taking part in our trip to England from March 21 to March 26 is asked to make the final payment by February 21 and hand in the payment confirmation by the same date! DO NOT FORGET to show the confirmation to Mr. Barca.

Thank you for your cooperation! Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Barca directly.

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Dear participants,

it is high time to get ready for our trip so here is the first task we need to complete.

Each person is required to let me know if they have any allergies (including food, pets, etc.) or other limitations.

And also, please think about who you want to be accomodated with. Pairs are ideal, some families can accomodate groups of three, very few four students.

I´ll keep you updated!

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Trip to England 2017/2018 – NEW UPDATE

A new important update was posted in the Trip to England section. Please do take a look!


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Best In English 2017/2018 – results and stats

Dear participants,

the official results have just been published so here is something we have all been waiting for.

A bit of stats – There were 17612 participating students coming from 750 schools spread across 29 countries.
From the Czech Republic there were 8152 students from 337 schools. Impressive, isn´t it?

Gymnázium Blovice took place 52 out of 337, which is a very good result to be amongst the top 52 schools in the Czech Republic. In Europe, our school finished in 161st place out of 750 schools. Again, a very good result!

For the results of individuals click on the picture below.


All the participants can be found under their first names.

Thanks to all who took part in the competition and I hope to see you taking part next year again!

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BEST IN ENGLISH 2017/2018 results

We have finally received the official results from the organizers of the contest. The complete results as well as the stats can be found in Best in English 2017/2018 section.

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Pozvánka na „Thanksgiving Dinner“

Centrum US Point v Plzni pořádá dne 27.11. již tradiční večeři ku příležitosti dne díkůvzdání. Program začíná v 17:30, bližší info a nutné potvrzení účasti najdete na

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Newsletter US Point – November/December 2017

Milí přátelé US Pointu,
v listopadu a prosinci se můžete z pravidelných akcí těšit na  konverzační klub a také oblíbený filmový klub pod vedením Brada Vice.

Navíc pro Vás máme novou pravidelnou akci. Od listopadu si můžete přijít popovídat v angličtině s rodilou mluvčí a to každé úterý od 17 hodin v Kulturce, Sedláčkova 19, Plzeň.

Celý newsletter s množstvím dalších informací naleznete ZDE!

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Trip to England latest update!!!

Everyone going to England please see this list of participants. If you cannot find yourself there, let Mr. Barca know and he´ll fix it.

The date of the trip was decided and set from March 21st to March 26th 2018 (Wednesday to Monday).

No later than this week you will be asked to pay the deposit and provided with some more specific information.

Keep checking the website!

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Trip to England latest update!!!

Please see the Trip to England section to check the latest update on departure and other important information regarding the 2018 Trip to England.

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Everyone who is thinking about taking part in „Konference studentských odborných prací“ is invited to a „How to…“ seminar on Monday, October 23, at 7:55 (classroom will be specified) where you will be provided with the information regarding the form and content of the presentation and other useful information.

The participants from the last year contest are welcome too.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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