Maturita topics

Maturitní témata

  1.  Prague
  2.  The Czech Republic – basic facts
  3.  The Czech Republic – history
  4.  Pilsen and its surroundings
  5.  Education system
  6.  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – basic facts
  7.  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – history
  8.  Science and technology
  9.  William Shakespeare
  10.  London
  11.  British or American writer
  12.  English and Czech cuisine
  13.  The USA – basic facts
  14.  The USA – history
  15.  The USA – New York, important cities, interesting places
  16.  Canada
  17.  Australia and New Zealand
  18.  Myself, my family; my house, my flat; my town, my village
  19.  My daily programme
  20.  My plans for the future
  21.  My hobbies, leisure time
  22.  Travelling
  23.  Man and the environment
  24.  National holidays, traditions and customs in the USA, the United
    Kingdom and the Czech Republic
  25.  English and English speaking countries
  26.  Sports and games
  27.  Health and diseases
  28.  My best friend
  29.  Fashion
  30.  My cultural life
  31.  Weather and climate
  32.  Shops and shopping
  33.  The European Union
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