A brand new online competition – KONTEXT

Dear students,

I would like to present you a brand new online competition prepared by University of Western Bohemia.

For further details see the leaflet below and contact Mr. Barca if you want to participate ASAP. The deadline for the registration is January 15th.

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BIE 2018 results

Hello everyone,
you can find the reults of the BiE contest below. Included is the information on the worldwide, country and regional result as well as the results of individual students.
Congratulations to the best students and to all who finished the test successfully. I hope that next year we will be even more successful than this year.
Thank you for participating in the contest.
There was a total number of 922 secondary schools and 21110 students from 30 countries. In the Czech Republic the number of schools participating was 341 and there were 8437 students.
School Name: Gymnázium Blovice
Place World: 453
Place Country: 180
Place Region: 9
Place by school type: 129
Name Lastname Initials Age Place World Place Country Points Time End (minutes)
Anna Va 18 3858 1405 94,5 53
Martin Ja 19 4457 1636 92,5 34
Jonáš Ko 18 4707 1735 92 49
Kristián Ře 17 4885 1800 91,5 50
Tomáš Ko 17 5886 2154 88,5 41
Jan Ve 18 6943 2536 86 60
Emma Čí 19 7114 2609 85,5 60
Alžběta Anna Ur 17 7942 2912 83 51
Phuong Anh Do 17 8013 2947 83 59
Martin Du 16 9838 3630 78 60
Anna He 18 11570 4295 72,5 51
Tadeáš Ri 17 11918 4448 71,5 54
Tomáš Št 17 14742 5662 61,5 36
Jana He 18 14988 5766 61 60
Josef Kr 18 14989 5767 61 60
Johana Ed 17 15736 6088 58 60

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Thanksgiving in US Point


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Dear student,

that time of the year has finally come… The new round of Best in English contest is taking place on November 30 from 9 am. to 11 am.
Everybody wanting to take part must report to Mr. Barca either in person or by mail no later than Monday, November 26.

There must be at least 10 contestants for the school to be able to participate.

The maximum capacity of our school is 25 participants. You will be put on the list according to the rule „first come, first served“

Looking forward to seeing you.


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Welcome to the new school year!

At the very beginning, we have a couple of interesting events and projects to be introduced.

1. Study for a year in the USA for free!
Interested? Click

and you will find out more (do not forget to check out our English board on the first floor!) or click here …

2. The student´s presentation contest at the University of West Bohemia
For further details click UJP ZČU on our website or go directly to http://www.ujp.zcu.cz/student/konference/

3. GO GLOBAL fair
If you are interested in studying abroad, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Click on the following link and you will be directed to the web page  where you will find all the information you need. https://go-global.cz/

We hope you will have a great year with us!

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Dear participants,

everyone who is taking part in our trip to England from March 21 to March 26 is asked to make the final payment by February 21 and hand in the payment confirmation by the same date! DO NOT FORGET to show the confirmation to Mr. Barca.

Thank you for your cooperation! Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Barca directly.

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Dear participants,

it is high time to get ready for our trip so here is the first task we need to complete.

Each person is required to let me know if they have any allergies (including food, pets, etc.) or other limitations.

And also, please think about who you want to be accomodated with. Pairs are ideal, some families can accomodate groups of three, very few four students.

I´ll keep you updated!

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Trip to England 2017/2018 – NEW UPDATE

A new important update was posted in the Trip to England section. Please do take a look!


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Best In English 2017/2018 – results and stats

Dear participants,

the official results have just been published so here is something we have all been waiting for.

A bit of stats – There were 17612 participating students coming from 750 schools spread across 29 countries.
From the Czech Republic there were 8152 students from 337 schools. Impressive, isn´t it?

Gymnázium Blovice took place 52 out of 337, which is a very good result to be amongst the top 52 schools in the Czech Republic. In Europe, our school finished in 161st place out of 750 schools. Again, a very good result!

For the results of individuals click on the picture below.


All the participants can be found under their first names.

Thanks to all who took part in the competition and I hope to see you taking part next year again!

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BEST IN ENGLISH 2017/2018 results

We have finally received the official results from the organizers of the contest. The complete results as well as the stats can be found in Best in English 2017/2018 section.

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